hellow love <3 (nevaendinpain) wrote in ljcolors,
hellow love <3

hElP mE oUt pWeAsE?

i was wondering if sumone could help me understand how to put pictures on my user info (like a info box that i made ) or in my actual journal entry..and how do i use the websites to put a pix..or wut is it called? im sry..im not that smart when it comes to this..so if sumone could PLZ email me//comment// or IM me i'd appriciate it soooo much

email: ncblondie88@netzero.com
AIM s/n: lostinside07
journal: www.livejournal.com/users/nevaendinpain or www.blurty.com/users/nevaendinpain

thanx so much xox <3
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ok..go to Photobucket.com
sign up-for a free accont-inless u want to pay?
then it will send u a email to activate
then u will get a page..
press browse, and look threw ur pics on ur comp.
hit submit.
then to post on ur user info- or-LJ
use the tag bar- copy-paste that where ever u want it.