Kaeli (hockeylife17) wrote in ljcolors,

I was wondering..

I was looking through all of the backgrounds and things that you have done, and I think that you do a really neat job with everything that you did to some of the ones that I have seen! I don't know if you are still making backgrounds for people or not, but if you are would you mind make me one please! I would really love to make my journal somewhat more interesting please!

background color--black
font--trebuchetMS size--8 (2 or 3 I think..)
font color-- any pink, you choose
where you leave comments-- # sang for me / sing it out loud
could you make the entries on the right side of the screen please?? and would you be able to make the box a little bit smaller please??
and then could you put these lyrics on the side please

one boy, one girl
two hearts, their world
time goes by, secrets rise
one more sad song
tears shed, she's gone
she'd take it back,
if she only could

all the perfect words
and they seem so wrong, she's gone
you wish that you could learn to see
the door is closed
and you wish you could be

alone with you, alone with me
what can I do, I can not breathe
my heart is torn, for all to see
alone with you, alone with me

if you are able to do this, you can e-mail me at kissez4you_17@hotmail.com so that I can give you my password! thank you so much!
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